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Equifax, Neural Networks, Online Learning, Azure Functions, SciPy 1.0, EE4J, JUnit 5, ASP.NET Core and F#, RockScript, Chaos Engineering, Agile at Red Hat

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A Native Linux Experience on SQL Server 2017.
Learn more about the power of SQL Server on Linux and Docker, how it provides a native Linux experience with support for existing SQL Server tools, operational usage for relational & graph data, and more. Download the White Paper to Learn More.

Guy Podjarny on the Equifax Hack and Security Problems in Serverless Architectures

In this podcast Wes talks to Guy Podjarny. They discuss the Equifax hack and the things we can learn from it, some of the security problems in serverless architectures, the kind of things attackers look for in serverless platforms, and wraps up with security hygiene best practices that developers should follow. (Podcast)

Andrea Goulet & M. Scott Ford on the Marriage of Communication & Code

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, talks to Andrea Goulet & M. Scott Ford about their journey working together as a married couple and business partners, learning to collaborate and communicate despite having vastly different communication styles and viewpoints. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content


Best Trade-off Point Algorithm for Efficient Resource Provisioning in Hadoop

Peter Nghiem presents the Best Trade-off Point method and algorithm with mathematical formulas for obtaining the exact optimal number of task resources for any workload running on Hadoop. (Presentation)

Primer on Neural Networks

Chase Aucoin introduces neural networks with examples and simple breakdowns about the math involved in a way accessible to a large audience. (Presentation)

Online Learning & Custom Decision Services

Markus Cozowicz and John Langford talk about the new system they have created which automates exploit-explore strategies, data gathering, and learning to create useable online interactive learning. For problems such as content personalization, sophisticated interactive online machine learning is now available to programmers. For data scientists, this is a new tool for solving unsolvable problems. (Presentation)
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DevOps Latest Content


How to Make the Leap: Building Cloud-Ready Applications into the Architecture

How do you take all very different kinds of applications and make them ready for cloud? This article by Pete Johnson looks at cloud-ready criteria and strategies. (Article)

Delve into DevOps: Articles, Case Studies, and More

5 Steps to Building a Successful Private Cloud; Understanding Cloud Native Infrastructure; Top 10 Adages in Continuous Deployment, and more. Learn More.



Leverage microservices at the edge. Here’s how you can use logic at the edge of the network to strengthen & support your microservices, ultimately building a more resilient product for your users. Read on.

Development Latest Content


Living the Good Life

Ted Neward discusses what some consider to be a good life and where it can be found. (Presentation)

Background Processing with RabbitMQ

Tatsuya Ono introduces TaskBunny, a background processing library, discussing implementation details and why they chose RabbitMQ over Erlang process/OTP. (Presentation)

Java Latest Content


Building Reactive Systems Using Akka’s Actor Model and Domain-Driven Design

With the explosion of mobile and data-driven applications, users are demanding real-time access to everything everywhere. System resilience and responsiveness are essential business requirements. Businesses increasingly need to trade up to more flexible, "reactive" systems. To support reactive development, actor models with domain-driven design can fulfill modern resiliency requirements. (Article)

Java at Speed: Getting the Most out of Modern Hardware

Gil Tene discusses some of the optimizations and capabilities that the latest crop of JVMs are able to apply when running on the latest servers. Also, the issues that these techniques can introduce when speed "right out of the gate" or "at rare but critical times" is an important consideration, as is often the case in FinServ applications. (Presentation)
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Explore Innovation in the Java Landscape

Building Reactive Systems Using Akka; The Evolution of Eclipse Collections; Painless Migration to Java Jigsaw. Learn More.

.NET Latest Content

ASP.NET Core and F# with Giraffe

Giraffe is an F# micro web framework for building web applications. It sits on ASP.NET Core, providing an F# API to the web framework. Giraffe is intended for developers who want to build web applications in F# while retaining access to the features of ASP.NET Core and its ecosystem. (News)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla Team Up for Web Documentation

In a coordinated announcement, three major browser vendors have agreed to consolidate their individual web API reference documentation into Mozilla's MDN and have formed an advisory group to guide future efforts. The groups will start using MDN as a single point of truth for web platform documentation and reference. (News)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

State of Chaos Engineering

Bruce Wong discusses the current state of Chaos Engineering, emerging patterns of success, and the future opportunity at hand. (Presentation)
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Beyond OAuth2: End to End Microservice Security

Will Tran discusses enforcing microservices’ security policies with OAuth2. (Presentation)

Digital Assets: Lessons in Securing What's Next

Rob Witoff recaps on the past several years at the largest cryptocurrency company in the world and explores technical infrastructure and security lessons learned that apply to what’s next in Fintech. Topics include insider threat, red-teaming and moving fast without compromising security. (Presentation)
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Disrupting Development Using Reactive Event Sourced Systems with Akka

Jan Ypma presents a system which exposes reactive events as a real-time streaming REST API. (Presentation)

Functional / Microservices in Real-Time Financials

Vitor Olivier presents how Nubank has built the system of record based on functional programming principles, the tools they used (Clojure, Datomic, Kafka), the challenges they faced when taking it to scale, and the benefits of their approach, including data science modeling, real-time customer visibility, guaranteed conservation of money, and customer account histories. (Presentation)
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Golden Carrots: Digital Transformation with Payments APIs

Mark Pesce discusses using Payments API to drive a digital transformation, presenting how Web Payments provides a foundation for every API to integrate with every payments system using every currency. (Presentation)



Why switch to software load balancing?
We'll give you 5 good reasons! With NGINX Plus you can cut costs, adapt quickly, deploy anywhere, move to DevOps, and say goodbye to artificial caps on throughput.
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Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

Scaling Agile - Slice and Understand Together

This second article in the series about making scaled agile work digs into how to slice requirements. If this is done right, it will not only result in good slices, but also a common understanding of the product we’re about to build or enhance. (Article)

Agile at Red Hat

This article is a story of the conversion journey from FeedHenry, a startup from Waterford, Ireland, into Red Hat. It’s also charting the journey of agile as a whole in Red Hat, as this story is being replicated across the product suite that Red Hat offers. (Article)

Evolutionary Change from the Trenches

Peter Kerschbaumer tells how eDreams Odigeo embarked on a transformation journey, starting with Kanban and continuing with Enterprise Services Planning (ESP). (Presentation)

Data-Driven Coaching - Safely Turning Team Data into Coaching Insights

Troy Magennis shows how to expose data to teams in order for them to retrospect productively, determine if a process experiment is panning out as expected, and to explore process change opportunities. (Presentation)

The Story of Mentorship, and Why It Matters

John Contad teaches three approaches to mentorship he found working in DevOps, and how to use stories to improve mentorship. (Presentation)