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ML at the Edge, AWS Well-Architected Lenses, Elastic Disaster Recovery, Incidents & Resilience, JetBrains Fleet, Serverless Design Patterns, Cryostat 2.0, Angular 13, Co-Designing Raft, Remote-First SRE

QCon Events, Spring 2022: Real-world practical inspiration from the world’s most innovative software leaders.

QCon the international software development conference, is back with two events in Spring 2022. Find practical inspiration (not product pitches) from software leaders deep in the trenches creating software, scaling architectures and fine-tuning their technical leadership to help you make the right decisions. Attend in person at QCon London, (April 4-6) or attend online at QCon Plus (May 10-20).



re:Invent 2021: 10 Reasons You Need Teleport to Secure Your Apps on AWS.

Top 10 things you should know about AWS and Teleport. Learn more here and check out the Teleport on AWS page.

James Clark on How Ballerina Handles Network Interaction, Data, and Concurrency

Charles Humble discusses the design of the Ballerina programming language with its lead designer James Clark. They discuss how the goals of the language inform a number of design choices including the type system, error handling, the concurrency model, and the language’s built-in support for visualization of program flows. (Podcast)

Becoming a Great Engineering Manager is Hard

In this podcast, Shane Hastie, lead editor for culture & methods, spoke to Anand Safi about making the shift from being an individual contributor to an engineering manager. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. AMD Introduces Its Deep-Learning Accelerator Instinct MI200 Series GPUs

  2. Katharine Jarmul on Machine Learning at the Edge

  3. AWS Introduces Amazon Redshift Serverless

Facebook Open-Sources GHN-2 AI for Fast Initialization of Deep-Learning Models

A team from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and the University of Guelph have open-sourced an improved Graph HyperNetworks (GHN-2) meta-model that predicts initial parameters for deep-learning neural networks. GHN-2 executes in less than a second on a CPU and predicts values for computer vision (CV) networks that achieve up to 77% top-1 accuracy on CIFAR-10 with no additional training. (News)



Introducing Neo4j AuraDB

Neo4j’s fully managed cloud service: The zero-admin, always-on graph database for cloud developers. Try it now in one click!


  1. AWS Introduces Amazon FSx for OpenZFS

  2. Microsoft Introduces a Fully-Managed Azure Load Testing Service in Preview

  3. AWS Announces Custom Lenses Feature for Its Well-Architected Framework

  4. ClusterFuzzLite Brings ClusterFuzz to GitHub Actions and Other CI/CD Pipelines

  5. AWS Announced General Availability of Elastic Disaster Recovery

More More More! Why the Most Resilient Companies Want More Incidents

John Egan discusses how companies of any scale can improve their understandability by lowering their barriers to incident reporting and simplifying their processes for documenting postmortems. (Presentation with transcript included)
Learn how to solve complex software engineering and leadership challenges. Attend in-person at QCon London, (April 4-6) or attend online at QCon Plus (May 10-20). Save your spot now!



Production Kubernetes (By O'Reilly)

While many organizations have an existing Kubernetes footprint, far fewer are using it in production, and even less are operating at scale. This book charts the key considerations engineering teams must look at to successfully define a path to production with Kubernetes at enterprise scale. Download now.

JetBrains Launches Lightweight IDE Fleet, Cloud Workspaces for IntelliJ

Fleet is JetBrains' attempt to provide a polyglot, lightweight IDE, including support for remote workspaces. Additionally, the latest release of IntelliJ also brings support for remote development to JetBrains IDEs. (News)



Build & Deploy Serverless Apps with Java

100% Free O'Reilly book for learning how to build and deploy serverless apps with Java on AWS Lambda. Download for Free.


  1. JakartaOne Livestream 2021 Will Highlight Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 5.0

  2. Announcing Cryostat 2.0: JDK Flight Recorder for Containers

  3. Java News Roundup: Micronaut 3.2, Quarkus 2.5, JDK 18, Spring HATEOAS 1.4, JKDMon 17.0.14

Lightweight External Business Rules

Complex enterprise applications usually come with varying business logic. Such conditions and subsequent system actions, known as rules, are ever-varying and demand the involvement of domain-specific knowledge more than technology and programming. The rules must reside outside the codebase, authored by people with core domain expertise with minimal tech knowledge. (Article)



Performance is a Shape – Not a Number

If you're adopting microservices, you know that faster root cause analysis and the ability to confidently measure and explain performance are key to improving efficiency and saving developer time. Download now.

In case you missed it

Overriding Sealed Methods in C#

In this article, the author demonstrates how we can change the behavior of sealed methods in C#. This can be done by understanding how code generation and compilation work in the .NET platform. (Article)

Introducing Angular 13

Google recently announced the release of Angular 13, their popular single-page application framework, continuing the steady stream of small improvements we have seen since the release of the Ivy engine in Angular 9. (News)



Best Practices for Designing GraphQL Schemas

Learn how to design an expressive, demand-oriented schema for your graph that enhances predictability for API consumers. Learn how to build your schema with developer ergonomics in mind, including establishing naming conventions, handling nullability and abstract types. [On-Demand Webinar] Watch Now.

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. AWS Step Functions Gains Integrations with over 200 Additional Services

Design Patterns for Serverless Systems

After shortly introducing design patterns at different levels of abstractions, this article will present a few patterns specifically suited to serverless systems, including the Pipes and Filters pattern, and show a POC implementation using AWS EventBridge. (Article)

Co-Designing Raft + Thread-per-Core Execution Model for the Kafka-API

Alex Gallego discusses the lessons learned building a new storage engine from scratch with no virtual memory, no page cache, with purpose-built read-ahead and write-behind strategies. (Presentation with transcript included)



Microservices Up and Running (By O’Reilly)

Learn how to design an effective and explicit microservices system end-to-end, how to slice a big application into a collection of microservices, how to build a simple yet powerful CI/CD pipeline for infrastructure changes, and more. Download now.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. How to Work Asynchronously as a Remote-First SRE

  2. Will the Hybrid Work’s Great Paradox Be the Decade’s Challenge?

Applying Social Leadership to Enhance Collaboration and Nurture Communities

There are many styles and forms of leadership. In this article, we explore social leadership, a form of leadership that has helped to challenge views on what leadership truly is and find out what behaviours can help create collaborative cultures and spaces where learning and meaningful engagement matter the most. (Article)

Lessons Learned from Self-Selection Reteaming at Redgate

Redgate Software runs a yearly deliberate reteaming process across engineering to alter how they invest the efforts of teams and encourage people to move towards the work they find most engaging. Self-selection reteaming is an effective and empowering method of aligning with company goals. It normalized the idea of people moving between teams for personal development and renewed sense of purpose. (Article)

Dealing with Technical Debt in 2021

The panelists discuss how they identify technical debt, how they make room to invest in paying debt down, and how they approach work to minimize future debt. (Presentation with transcript included)


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