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Amazon Q, OpenAI's CriticGPT, S3 Malware Detection, Pulumi, Azure Service Bus, Project Leyden, .NET 9 Preview 5, Platform as a Product, Green Architecture, Duolingo Notifications, Staff-Plus Level

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How to end the confusion in cloud transformations - Sponsored by McKinsey

How to end the confusion in cloud transformations: The dashboards and metrics everyone needs

The promise and peril of cloud is often discussed in C-suites: great potential and frequent underperformance. In this McKinsey article, you'll discover eight key dimensions for cloud transformation, each with a tailored dashboard for specific stakeholders. Learn More.

Justin Sheehy on Being a Responsible Developer in the Age of AI Hype

At the recent InfoQ Dev Summit Boston, Justin Sheehy of Akamai delivered an insightful opening keynote on being a responsible developer in the age of artificial intelligence hype. The talk is aimed at software practitioners who might feel overwhelmed by the rapid developments and inflated expectations surrounding AI. We’re sharing Justin’s full talk in this special episode of the InfoQ Podcast. (Podcast)

Platforms, People and Process for Great Developer Experience

In this podcast, Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods spoke to Daniel Bryant, the News Manager at InfoQ, about engineering culture and developer experience. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Amazon Q Apps Aim to Simplify the Creation of Generative AI Apps for the Enterprise

  2. Amazon SageMaker Now Offers Managed MLflow Capability for Enhanced Experiment Tracking

OpenAI's CriticGPT Catches Errors in Code Generated by ChatGPT

OpenAI recently published a paper about CriticGPT, a version of GPT-4 fine-tuned to critique code generated by ChatGPT. When compared with human evaluators, CriticGPT catches more bugs and produces better critiques. OpenAI plans to use CriticGPT to improve future versions of their models. (News)

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Three Ways to Scale PostgreSQL - Sponsored by YugabyteDB

Three Ways to Scale PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a relational database designed for single-server deployments that lacks the capabilities of distributed databases. Download this infographic to learn how you can evolve PostgreSQL from a single server to a robust, distributed deployment. Download Now.


  1. AWS Introduces Malware Detection for Object Uploads to Amazon S3

Pulumi Adventures: How Python Empowered My Infrastructure Beyond YAML

Adora Nwodo discusses her journey from backend software engineering into the realm of DevOps, exploring how Pulumi became the pivotal tool that empowered her transition. (Presentation with transcript included)

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Achieving Application Portability with Kubernetes - Sponsored by AWS Marketplace

Gen AI for self-service DevOps

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps Institute for this webinar on strategies, services, and generative AI-powered AWS Marketplace tools that enable developers to build faster, deploy continuously, and use cloud resources at scale. Live Webinar, July 23rd - Register now!

Microsoft Announces Public Preview of Geo-Replication Feature for Azure Service Bus Premium Tier

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of its new Geo-Replication feature in the Azure Service Bus premium tier. This feature allows continuous replication of a namespace's metadata and data from a primary region to a secondary region, which users can promote at any time. (News)

Sponsored by Akamai

Building in the Cloud: How to Optimize Cost and Performance - Sponsored by Akamai

Building in the Cloud: How to Optimize Cost and Performance

In this video series, learn the best ways to choose and allocate cloud resources to maximize performance while reducing waste and minimizing costs. Register now.

How Building a Platform as a Product Empowered Software Engineers

Platform engineering is about accelerating and empowering developers to deliver more product value faster over time. According to Jessica Andersson, most companies don’t invest in platform engineering until they reach a certain size. At QCon London she presented how their startup adopted platform engineering, what strategy they took, and what they did to gain platform adoption from developers. (News)

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ScyllaDB in Action (By Manning) - Sponsored by ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB in Action (By Manning)

This eBook, based on the real-world experience of a Discord engineer, provides everything you need to know about ScyllaDB - a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant database - from your very first queries to running it in a production environment. Discover ScyllaDB’s capabilities the best way—through hands-on examples. Download now.


  1. Java News Roundup: Project Leyden Early-Access Builds, LangChain4j, JReleaser, Groovy

  2. Project Leyden Announces Early Access Build: 2-3x Start-up Improvements for Java Applications

Java Virtual Threads: A Case Study

This article explores JDK 21's virtual threads, comparing their performance with Open Liberty's thread pool. It covers key findings like throughput, ramp-up times, and memory footprint. Despite advantages, virtual threads showed unexpected performance issues, especially in CPU-intensive workloads. This analysis guides Java developers on when and how to use virtual threads in their applications. (Article)

Microsoft Releases .NET 9 Preview 5

Last month, Microsoft released the fifth preview of .NET 9. This preview brings performance improvements and features such as enhanced AI capabilities, prioritized unbounded channel, substring searching with SearchValues, and more flexible active linking in OpenTelemetry. (News)

How to Architect Software for a Greener Future

In this article, Sara Bergman shares tips, tricks, and advice on architecting software for a greener future. Sara has been discussing this topic for several years. (Article)

Delivering Millions of Notifications within Seconds During the Super Bowl

Zhen Zhou discusses how they built/test an on-demand notification system, what it takes to manage cloud resources/site-reliability at the same time, and how to mitigate reliability issues. (Presentation with transcript included)

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Secure Single Page Applications - Sponsored by Curity

Secure Single Page Applications: Cookie Security with the Token Handler

Explore how to secure Single Page Applications (SPAs) with cookie security using utility APIs. Keep all the advantages of SPAs without the hassle of writing cookie-related code. Watch the webinar.

Risk and Failure on the Path to Staff Engineer

Caleb Hyde discusses his career progression and regressions, as well the context he used to figure out what to work on and whom to work with, distilling a framework which to utilize in one’s own work. (Presentation with transcript included)

Breaking the Ceiling: Scaling Your Impact at the Staff-Plus Level

Thiago Ghisi discusses what defines the Staff-Plus level, expectations across companies, approaches for high-performing Staff-Plus Engineers, strategies for scaling, and examples of "Staff Projects". (Presentation with transcript included)

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Strobbo Adopts Professional Scrum to Accelerate Go-to-Market - Sponsored by

Case Study | HR Platform Strobbo Adopts Professional Scrum to Accelerate Go-to-Market

Learn how Strobbo transitioned to Professional Scrum, focusing on self-management and cross-functionality, to enable them to work more effectively. Download now.

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