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How Amazon Does CD, Cloudflare Workers, Redis Governance, Micronaut Foundation, .NET Conf, Svelte, Microservices Panel, Team Games, AI with JS and Serverless

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Stefan Prodan on Progressive Delivery, Flagger, and GitOps

Topics discussed included: how progressive delivery extends the core ideas of continuous delivery; how the open source Flagger Kubernetes operator can be used to implement a progressive delivery strategy via canary releasing with an API gateway or service mesh; and the new “GitOps toolkit” that has evolved from the Flux continuous delivery operator. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Google Open-Sources AI for Mapping Natural Language to Mobile UI Actions

How to Get Hired as a Machine Learning Engineer

To become a machine learning engineer, you have to interview. You have to gain relevant skills from books, courses, conferences, and projects. Include technologies, frameworks, and projects on your CV. In an interview, expect that you will be asked technical questions, insight questions, and programming questions. When given a technical task, demonstrate your skills as if you already had the job. (Article)

The Fast Track to AI with JavaScript and Serverless

Peter Elger explores how to get started building AI enabled platforms and services using full stack JavaScript and Serverless technologies. With practical examples drawn from real world projects, he initiates running AI using basic Node.js knowledge - no PhD required. (Presentation with transcript included)
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Active-Active Globally Distributed Systems for Real-time

For national and global organizations, the need for ‘always-on’, real-time applications has led to the adoption of distributed technology not only for applications but also for the databases that support them. Learn how Aerospike’s unique active-active deployment model for real-time, accurate systems can be used in a wide variety of transactional uses cases that span geographies and data centers. Learn more.


  1. AWS Serverless Application Model Supports Step Functions State Machines

  2. Amazon Announces New Command Line Interface Tool AWS Copilot

  3. Cloudflare Announces a New Class of Workers Called Workers Unbound

  4. How Amazon Teams Do Continuous Delivery

  5. The AWS Serverless LAMP Stack: the Future of PHP or Vendor Lock-in?

The Opportunity in App Modernization

The twin pressures of servicing apps running in production and modernizing them to the cloud are putting stress on development and platform teams. App Modernization needs to scale and be made efficient through documentation, products and frameworks. This article looks at the reasons, and approach, to app modernization. (Article)


  1. IBM Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit Now Available for Linux

  2. Q&A about New Governance for Redis after Maintainer Salvatore Sanfilippo Steps Down

  3. GitHub Public Roadmap Will Give Users More Visibility into Upcoming Features

  4. Remembering Bill Shannon

The Modern Platform in 2020

Justin Cormack gives an overview of how the programming language technology is finding its way into every technology stack. (Presentation with transcript included)

Image Formats, Performance and Cognitive Load

Tobias Baldauf discusses how to optimize and deliver images for maximum effectiveness. (Presentation)



The State of Remote Collaboration 2020

Code Climate is surveying the larger software engineering community to put together a comprehensive analysis of the State of Remote Collaboration. Fill out the survey to gain access to the results and be entered for a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards.


  1. Thorntail Reaches Tail End

Micronaut Foundation Established to Advance Adoption of Micronaut Framework

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has announced the creation of the Micronaut Foundation, a not-for-profit company established to advance innovation and adoption of the Micronaut framework. The foundation will receive initial funding of $2M from OCI for development and evangelism. Jeff Scott Brown, Grails and Micronaut practice lead at OCI, spoke to InfoQ about the formation of the foundation. (News)



Site Reliability Engineering 101: Best Practices for Incident Management

Understand the origins of modern incident management best practices, how they align with the emerging discipline of Site Reliability Engineering, and how incidents can be proactively prevented with thoughtful failure injection. Download now.

Microsoft .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices

Yesterday, the third edition of the .NET Conf: Focus series took place, this time featuring microservices development with .NET. The event targeted developers of all stripes, with live coding demonstrations and comprehensive coverage on related concepts and tools. The focus conferences are free, one-day livestream events featuring speakers from the community and .NET product teams. (News)


  1. Svelte Adds Official TypeScript Support

  2. The New Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Build 2020

  3. Ionic Capacitor 2 Improves Mobile Authentication and Cross-Domain HTTPS

Interview about Wallaby.js and Quokka.js JavaScript Productivity Tools

Wallaby.js and Quokka.js are JavaScript/TypeScript productivity tools that provide additional capabilities within IDEs such as VS Code, WebStorm or Atom. Quokka.js provides additional runtime value introspection information within context in an IDE, while Wallaby.js provides distraction-free testing by providing test results within the IDE. Today we’re joined by Simon McEnlly, COO at Wallaby. (Article)

The Challenges of Building a Reliable Real-Time Event-Driven Ecosystem

Globally, there is an increasing appetite for data delivered in real time; we are witnessing the emergence of the real-time API. When it comes to event-driven APIs engineers can choose between multiple different protocols. In addition to choosing a protocol, engineers also have to think about subscription models, too: server-initiated (push-based) or client-initiated (pull-based). (Article)

Panel: the Correct Number of Microservices for a System Is 489

New research from the University of Sledgham-on-the-Wold has revealed that the correct number of microservices for any software system is 489. Given that, why have so many organizations used a different number of microservices? The panelists discuss the architecture of their various systems, what trade-offs they have made in the design of their systems, and how their system has evolved over time. (Presentation with transcript included)



Architecting for Microservices: An O'Reilly Book Pack

In this two-book series, Jonas Bonér, creator of Akka and CTO at Lightbend, provides an overview of the strategies architects and technology leaders should consider when designing systems of microservices for cloud native applications. Download now.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Using a Team Game for Richer Retrospectives

  2. Remote Collaboration Fatigue is Real, Remote Workers are More Empathic, Remote Work is Here to Stay

Scaling Distributed Teams by Drawing Parallels from Distributed Systems

An effective distributed team’s characteristics are accountability, good communication, clear goals and expectations, a defined decision-making process, and autonomy with explicit norms. Ranganathan Balashanmugam spoke about scaling distributed teams around the world at QCon London 2020. In his talk he showed how we can apply distributed systems patterns for scaling distributed teams. (Article)

Q&A on the Book Unleashed

The book Unleashed - The Unapologetic Leader's Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss explores how leaders can become more effective in empowering their people. It shows how they can combine trust, love, and belonging to create spaces where people excel. (Article)

Four Questions to Ask Your Dev Team

Hannah Foxwell and Jérôme Wiedemann offer four questions to start the dialogue between Platform Teams and Application Teams. (Presentation)

Remote software development and agile distributed teams in the age of COVID-19

Discover the best techniques to collaborate efficiently. Become a successful agile distributed team, and maintain your team’s mental health during challenging times. Listen to these podcasts and learn from Johanna Rothman, Mark Kilby, Jono Bacon, Helen Bartimote, Jamie Dobson, and more.

Square Pegs, Square Holes: CI/CD that Fits

Cora Iberkleid and Madhav Sathe discuss how to overcome the entry barrier to put modern CI/CD into practice. (Presentation)

The Making of Your Digital Strategy

Philippe Guenet is an interactive session helping you find the why of working Agile and sharing patterns for setting up a Digital Strategy. (Presentation)


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