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Alibaba AI M6, Cloud Native Trends, Bot Management, JetBrains' Projector, Supreme Court Ruling, Starting Java Fast, NativeScript 8, Rust and Android, GitHub Microservices, Cynefin

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How to Integrate Everything and Connect to Anything

Setting up integrations with any external system of record, regardless of the communication protocol, shouldn’t cause application delays. Join us to see how to build, accelerate, and complete the integrations needed for the most complex, feature-rich applications. Register now.

Anurag Gupta on Day 2 Operations, DevOps, and Automated Remediation

In this podcast Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO of, sat down with InfoQ podcast host Daniel Bryant and discussed: the role of DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE), day 2 operations, and the importance of building observability into applications and platforms. (Podcast)

Dimitar Karaivanov of Kanbanize on Implementing a Kanban System Effectively

In this podcast Shane Hastie spoke to Dimitar Karaivanov of Kanbanize about the six core practices of Kanban and the importance of metrics for improving the flow of work. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

Alibaba Announces 10 Billion Parameter Multi-Modal AI M6

Alibaba has created an AI model called Multi-Modality to Multi-Modality Multitask Mega-transformer (M6). The model contains 10 billion parameters and is pretrained on a dataset consisting of 1.9TB of images and 292GB of Chinese-language text. M6 can be fine-tuned for several downstream tasks, including text-guided image generation, visual question answering, and image-text matching. (News)



Graph + AI Summit on April 21

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  1. AWS Introduces EC2 Serial Console: Troubleshoot Boot and Networking Issues

  2. Google Announces the General Availability of A2 Virtual Machines

  3. Google Bolsters Cloud Spanner with Point-in-Time Recovery

  4. Cheryl Hung on Trends in Cloud Native and DevOps for 2021

  5. AWS and Cloudflare Add Bot Management Features to Their Firewalls

Why AWS Lambda Pricing Has to Change for the Enterprise

AWS Lambda users pay only when their code is run. This can result in massive cost savings over long-running workloads. The advantages start to disappear quickly when AWS Lambda is employed for batch processing. Enterprises can gain significantly from the scalability of FaaS - yet a price comparison between EC2, Lambda, and Fargate, the AWS-managed container service reveals an ugly truth. (Article)


Container Solutions

Changing? Innovating?

If your product is meant to last more than a few months, you need SRE. It helps to keep your system running without burning your team out. Michael Mueller from Container Solutions explores more in his ebook. Download now.


  1. Swift Collections Brings New Data Structures to Swift

  2. C++ Interpreter Cling Embraces Python Interoperability and Jupyter Notebooks

  3. JetBrains Releases Projector, a Technology to Remotely Run Swing Applications

  4. Supreme Court Rules Google's Use of Java API Was Fair Use

Two Hidden Instructions Discovered in Intel CPUs Enable Microcode Modification

Security researchers Mark Ermolov, Dmitry Sklyarov, and Maxim Goryachy discovered two undocumented x86 instructions that can be used to modify the CPU microcode. The instructions can only be executed when the CPU runs in debug mode, which makes them not easily exploitable, though. (News)


Cockroach Labs

Free Courses: Learn how to build cloud-native apps with a Distributed SQL database

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  1. Java News Roundup - Week of March 29th, 2021

  2. Google Pushes for Better Android App Quality

Starting Fast: Investigating Java's Static Compilation Landscape

Dan Heidinga discusses how to start a Java application faster, and how Graal Substrate VM, Quarkus, Project Leyden, and others can help with that. (Presentation with transcript included)
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Securing Your PostgreSQL Database

Databases are the Holy Grail for hackers, and as such, must be protected with utmost care. In this article we cover best practices for securing PostgreSQL. Read more.

.NET News Roundup - Week of April 5th, 2021

The last week was an eventful one for the .NET community, with multiple releases from Microsoft - including the third preview for .NET 6, ASP.NET Core, MAUI, and EF Core 6. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 5th, 2021. (News)


  1. NativeScript 8 Released with Apple M1, Webpack 5, and Dynamic View Support

10 Years after Inception, WebRTC Becomes an Official Web Standard

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) recently became a web standard. This is a major milestone on a long journey for WebRTC that started in 2011 with Google open-sourcing key necessary technologies. The new standard will continue to evolve as the WebRTC Working Group strives to integrate new use cases — live processing of audio and video feeds, Internet of Things use cases, and more. (News)

Rust to Provide New Foundations for Android OS Security

Google will use Rust to prevent memory bugs in the Android OS, one of the most frequent causes of security vulnerabilities. As a first step in this direction, the Android Open Source Project now supports Rust as an OS development language. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. GitHub Scales Its Rate Limiter Using Redis

From Monolith to Microservices

Sha Ma discusses how GitHub migrates from a monolith architecture to microservices, detailing some best practices. (Presentation with transcript included)



The Enterprise Path to Service Mesh Architectures (By O'Reilly)

This practical eBook explains how a service mesh provides a configurable infrastructure layer that makes service-to-service communication flexible, reliable, and fast. Learn about service mesh concepts, architecture, components - such as control planes and data planes - and more. Download now.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Applying Cynefin in Agile Retrospective

Which Industries Would Benefit the Most from Agile Innovation

When we assign measurable criteria to innovation, we can pinpoint which industries are falling behind the curve. Fortunately, there are many ways in which introducing agile processes can help organisations deliver innovation projects in quick succession for increased long-term value and customer satisfaction. (Article)

Testing Games is Not a Game

Testing video games goes beyond or differs in general from what Quality Assurance means and represents. It brings a new subset of responsibilities and skills intrinsic to the gaming industry. This article provides insights about the game industry, the role of the game tester, thoughts on challenges, and the learnings of testing games. (Article)


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