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High-Performance Teams, Apache Kafka, PayPal Gimel, Apache Airflow, Oracle Deprecating Nashorn, C# 8, User Tracking Prevention, Facebook Sonar, Observability and Microservices

QCon New York 2018 tracks are now complete!

The 15 editorial tracks spread across June 27th, June 28th and June 29th at QCon New York 2018 are now complete. Take a look at the detailed schedule and see what you are missing out on this year if you haven’t registered yet. As an InfoQ reader you get an exclusive $100 discount, register using the code INFOQ!



Migrating to Microservice Databases (By O'Reilly).

Author Edson Yanaga takes you through nine different strategies for integrating data from your monolithic application to a microservice architecture. Download Now.

High-Performance Teams: The Foundations

Expanding on The Core Protocols, this book is a roadmap for anyone who wants to lead or participate fully in the greatest team experience of their lives. It is short and practical, focused on implementation and tactics for making changes to bring about effective results fast. (Mini-book)

Jarrod Overson Offers Advice for Aspirant and Current Technical Leaders

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke with Jarrod Overson of Shape Security about the reason for and the content in the Beyond Being an Individual Contributor track at QCon San Francisco, and he offers advice for current and aspirant technical leaders. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Studio 3T: SQL Exploration for MongoDB

Democratizing Stream Processing with Apache Kafka and KSQL

In this article, author Michael Noll discusses the stream processing with KSQL, the streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka. Topics covered include challenges of stateful stream processing and how KSQL addresses them, and how KSQL helps to bridge the world of streams and databases through streams and tables. (Article)

Women in Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technologies

The panelists discuss the role women currently play and the future of women involved in blockchain technologies. (Presentation)

Gimel: PayPal’s Analytics Data Platform

Deepak Chandramouli introduces and demos Gimel, a unified analytics data platform which provides access to any storage through a single unified data API and SQL. (Presentation)
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Understanding Software System Behavior with ML and Time Series Data

David Andrzejewski discusses how time series datasets can be combined with ML techniques in order to aid in the understanding of system behaviors in order to improve performance and uptime. (Presentation)
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Analyzing & Preventing Unconscious Bias in Machine Learning

Rachel Thomas keynotes on three case studies, attempting to diagnose bias, identify some sources, and discusses what it takes to avoid it. (Presentation)
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InfoQ YouTube Exclusives

pDB: Abstraction for Modeling Predictive Machine Learning Problems

Balaji Rengarajan does a brief overview of modeling machine learning problems using Celect's pDB framework. He demonstrates how disparate predictive problems can be expressed using a common pDB language. [video length 8:50 min] (Presentation)

Building (Better) Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Sid Anand talks about Apache Airflow, an up-and-coming platform to programmatically author, schedule, manage, and monitor workflows. [video length 11:41 min] (Presentation)



Take Amazing Digital Experiences to the Edge.

Couchbase Mobile extends the Couchbase Data Platform to the edge, securely managing and syncing data from any cloud to every mobile device. Learn More.


  1. AWS Releases Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

  2. Full Cycle Developers at Netflix: from Mindsets to Self-Service Tooling

  3. AppDynamics Launches New European Software-as-a-Service Offering

  4. Understanding Production with DevOps Archeology

  5. Instana Extends AI Application Monitoring to AWS Lambda

Cloud Foundry UAA as an Identity Gateway

Sree Tummidi discusses the capabilities of Cloud Foundry’s UAA which make it apt to be used as an identity gateway for both ingress and egress security patterns. (Presentation)

Automated PCF Upgrades with Concourse

Rich Ruedin discusses the benefits of implementing automated pipelines for upgrades and how to make sure a platform is behaving as intended. (Presentation)

Immutability for PCF: Security in a Cloud Native World

Tom Gillis discusses how to achieve infrastructure immutability on PCF in five areas: kernel, file, memory, process and network. (Presentation)



Introduction to Graph Databases.

Graph Databases are currently gaining a lot of interest, as they can give very powerful data modeling tools that provide a closer fit to how your data works in the real world. This article explores exactly what they are and where they can be a good fit in your application landscape. Learn More.


  1. Oracle Proposes Deprecating Java's JavaScript Engine Nashorn

Refactoring to Eclipse Collections: Making Your Java Streams Leaner, Meaner, and Cleaner

Eclipse Collections is a high performance collections framework for Java, adding rich functionality to the native JDK Collections. In this article, key framework contributors demonstrate techniques for refactoring standard Java code to Eclipse Collections data structures and APIs, and also demonstrate some of the memory savings you can achieve. (Article)

JDBC, What Is It Good For?

Thomas Risberg reviews what has been happening in the world of JDBC lately and how it fits with the latest trends like Reactive, Non-Blocking APIs, Microservices, CQRS and Event Sourcing. (Presentation)



Developer Economics Survey – Win an iPhone X, Samsung S9 Plus or HTC Vive Pro.

Share your feedback on tools, platforms and technologies you use to influence - just a bit - the direction of the market. Survey Ends June 24th. Take the Developer Economics Survey Now.


  1. ML.NET 0.2 Adds Clustering, New Examples

  2. An Early Look at .NET 4.8

  3. Early Details about Visual Studio 2019

Default Interface Methods in C# 8

Default interface methods are included in a new feature proposal for C# 8, which will allow developers to use the traits programming technique. Based on an existing language feature found in Java, traits are an OOP technology that promotes the reuse of methods between unrelated classes. (Article)

TOP Dynamic Languages NEWS HEADLINES

  1. How Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari Works

  2. Privacy and Security a Top Priority in macOS Mojave and Safari 12

GDPR Changes Highlight the Impact of User Tracking

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25th, 2018, with the most obvious impact being a flurry of emails notifying users of changes in privacy policies. As websites determined how to comply with the wide-reaching data privacy regulation, developers quickly observed significant benefits in page load performance. (News)


  1. Facebook Sonar Is a Visual and Interactive Debugging Tool for Mobile Apps

Google Has Released Android P Beta 2

Google has released Android P Beta 2. Android P Beta 2 includes the final Android P APIs, latest system images, display cutout support, and more. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Observability and Microservices

  2. MIT Researchers Test Oracles and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Lightning Network

  3. Building Observable Distributed Systems: A Q&A with Pierre Vincent

Picking an Active-Active Geo Distribution Strategy: Comparing Merge Replication and CRDT

Modern distributed applications are fueling the growing demand for distributed active-active, multi-master databases. While most popular databases support multi-master deployment, different databases employ different techniques. LWW, MVCC, merge replication and CRDTs deliver eventual consistency, offering read and write access with local latency and remaining available during network partitions. (Article)

Latency and Event Tracing with Spring Cloud Data Flow

Presenters discuss how Charles Schwab used Sleuth/Zipkin with SCDF to provide latency and event tracing. (Presentation)

Practical Microservices, Practical Whiskey

Jonathan Schabowsky discusses using microservices in an event-driven architecture with asynchronous messaging. (Presentation)

How Events Are Reshaping Modern Systems

Jonas Bonér explores the nature of events, what it means to be event-driven, and how to unleash the power of events. The goal is to provide a theoretical understanding of how to design an event-driven system, what tools and techniques one can use to reap the most benefit from its design, and perhaps most importantly, what to avoid. (Presentation)
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Be the one that brings innovation to your team

Get your monthly guide to all the topics, technologies and techniques that every professional or aspiring software architect needs to know about. Recent topics include serverless, chaos engineering and event-driven design.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Making Games for High Performing Teams

  2. What it Takes to Become and Remain an Adaptive Agile Leader

Q&A on the Book Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age

In the book Changing Times, Rich Rogers explores how technology can help people and describes the role that quality plays in this. He tells a story about how technology affects the life of a journalist, and shows what development teams can do to deliver better products. (Article)

How Technology Is Impacting the Future of Work through Fragmentation

One of the side effects of technology’s evolution is that it fragments existing architectures and creates new structures in the process. AI and Blockchain are currently doing this, but this pattern has been seen before and will continue as tech evolves. According to Kary Bheemaiah, fragmentation is impacting the future of work; it’s a tech-lead reality to be observed and leveraged when possible. (Article)

The Cost of Fear in Organisational Change

In this article Oana Juncu explores the factors which cause fear of change in organisations and what it costs, how to challenge the status quo and provides advice on overcoming some of the limiting factors. She explores four common practices which feel like they reduce risk but actually exacerbate the challenges faced by organisations in the dynamic, fast moving world where adapting to change is vital. (Article)

Effective Software Testing for Modern Software Development

Alan Richardson discusses how Testing fits into the software development process, how to customize the process, adopt new tools, increase the amount of automated execution, and mitigate risk. (Presentation)

Engineering Culture Revived

Finbarr Joy highlights the techniques software development teams can adopt for themselves to establish a robust engineering culture to ‘leapfrog’ management interventions, and establish a ‘defence’ against misguided top down-driven ’transformations’: understanding the threats/ core engineering principles revived/ leading the change/ establishing a community/ crossing the tech- business divide. (Presentation)
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Building and Growing Sustainable Teams

Vlad Galu talks about how team dynamics should work to survive "difficult" times and strive for "perfect" rather than "good enough". (Presentation)
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An Engineering-led Culture at Scale

Amanda Bellwood talks about how to create a learning environment that encourages meaningful growth by empowering teams and individuals to drive their own progress. (Presentation)
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It's People, Stupid (People Are Stupid?)

Andy Walker’s proposition is that the reason things fail is usually people, not technology. Human beings are operating a 'broken machine'. Based on Walker's experiences coaching Google teams, this varied and provocative discussion includes themes on ‘the broken human machine’, the ‘authority delusion’, defusing ‘difficult’ situations, and debugging team scenarios through transactional analysis. (Presentation)
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Building Great Engineering Cultures Panel

The panelists discuss topics relating to the challenges of engineering culture development, but also take questions from the floor to provide guidance to those who are starting out/ establishing teams for the first time, or who have particular "transformation" challenges with existing teams. (Presentation)
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