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Embracing Observability in Distributed Systems at InfoQ Live (Feb 16th)

If you are unsure how to use observability to build and manage dependencies in your distributed systems, join world-class practitioners at InfoQ Live (virtual event on Feb 16th) and discover how to implement observability in every stage of the software development life cycle. Save your spot now.

Kavitha Srinivasan on Federated GraphQL Adoption, Performance Considerations, and DevEx at Netflix

In this podcast, Kavitha Srinivasan, a senior software engineer at Netflix, sat down with InfoQ podcast co-host Charles Humble. Topics discussed included: how the two main Netflix business units are migrating to GraphQL; how the schema is managed; performance considerations when working with GraphQL; and the role of DevEx in a large migration. (Podcast)

Gonçalo Silva on Working Completely Asynchronously

In this podcast, Shane Hastie spoke to Gonçalo-Silva of Doist about how they maintain a collaborative culture while working completely remotely and asynchronously. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. PASS to Cease Operations on January 15

DeepMind's AlphaFold2 AI Solves 50-Year-Old Biology Challenge

The Protein Structure Prediction Center announced that AlphaFold2, an AI system developed by DeepMind, has solved its Protein Structure Prediction challenge. AlphaFold2 achieved a median score of 92.4 on the Global Distance Test (GDT) metric, above the threshold considered competitive with traditional methods. (News)



O'Reilly eBook: Serving Machine Learning Models

This practical guide introduces architecture for serving models in real time as part of input stream processing. Using Python, Beam, Flink, Spark, Kafka streams and Akka, you’ll learn different ways to build a model-scoring solution. Download now.


  1. AWS Introduces Amazon Managed Service for Grafana and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

  2. Google Releases Monitoring Query Language for Cloud Monitoring into General Availability

  3. K8ssandra: Production-Ready Platform for Running Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes

Armor CLAD Functions

Guy Podjarny talks about how to properly secure our cloud functions. He uses a model called CLAD to remember what's left to protect, and discusses concrete practices to scale our defences. (Presentation)
Level-up on the practices, patterns, and skills most in-demand in software right now. Attend QCon Plus (May 10 - 28, 2021).

IBM’s Principles of Chaos Engineering

Haytham Elkhoja discusses the process of getting engineers from across to agree on a list of Chaos Engineering principles, adapting existing principles to customer requirements and internal services. (Presentation)



Hiring the right developers with a structured scoring rubric

This detailed and actionable guide shows engineering leaders how to design structured scoring rubrics that align to the role, high-priority competencies, and can generate a hiring recommendation you and your team can trust. Download now.


  1. Rust 1.49 Released with Tier-1 Support of 64-Bit ARM Linux

  2. Organizing Information about APIs with Google Registry API

  3. New Chrome Extension to Debug Compiled Wasm Code Stepping through C++ Source Files

Rust Asynchronous Runtime Tokio Reaches 1.0

Tokio aims to provide building blocks to write reliable and fast asynchronous programs in Rust. Recently announced Tokio 1.0 supports TCP, UDP, timers, a multi-threaded, work-stealing scheduler, and more. (News)



Get the Data Platform Architecture Guide

MongoDB: One data platform for all your data, all your apps, in every cloud. Download the guide.


  1. Red Hat Releases OptaPlanner 8

  2. AdoptOpenJDK Welcomes Dragonwell

Apache Netbeans 12.2 Supports Java 14 and 15

Apache NetBeans release 12.2 offers, among others, (improved) support for Java 14 and 15. NetBeans features such as code coloring, code formatting, and auto-completion now support new Java language features like records and keywords such as sealed, non-sealed, and permits. (News)



Teleport enables engineers to quickly access any computing resource anywhere

Teleport enables engineers to quickly access any computing resource anywhere on the planet. Our open source products provide a Unified Access Plane for developers and security professionals seeking to simplify secure access to servers, applications, and data across all environments. Teleport is a pioneer in environment-free computing. Learn more.

New Features for Windows Forms 5.0

For the first time since .NET 2.0, Windows Forms, a.k.a. WinForms, has received new features that are not High DPI-related. (News)


  1. Stimulus, the "JavaScript Framework for the HTML You Already Have", Releases 2.0

Writing Firebase Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux Using Electron

Electron-Firebase provides a quickstart framework for building cloud-connected applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux. By integrating Electron and Firebase, just a few configuration settings allow you to include a complete authentication workflow into your app using email/password, phone number, Google, Facebook, or many other identity providers. (Article)

Xamarin Forms 5.0 Stabilizes New Graphic and Interactive Features

Xamarin Forms 5.0 is a major new release of Xamarin open-source framework to create cross-platforms UI for iOS, Android, and Windows. It stabilizes a number of new features such as Brushes, Shapes and Paths, CarouselView, drag and drop, and more. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. EventStoreDB 20.10 Released with Support for gRPC and Improved Security

Uber Implements Disaster Recovery for Multi-Region Kafka

In a recent blog post, Uber engineers highlight how they use a replication platform to implement disaster recovery at scale with a multi-region Kafka deployment. Uber has a large deployment of Apache Kafka, processing trillions of messages and multiple petabytes of data per day. Uber's engineers provided business resilience and continuity in the face of natural and human-made disasters. (News)



Webinar: Communication Between Loosely Coupled Microservices

Learn about possible communications solutions (synchronous, asynchronous, event-driven), how architecture impacts coupling & implications on productivity. Register!

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. The Journey from Monolith to Microservices at GitHub: QCon Plus Q&A

  2. QCon Plus: Summary of the Remote Working Track

Q&A on the Book The Rise of the Agile Leader

The book The Rise of the Agile Leader by Chuck Mollor is a blueprint for leaders navigating change in the pursuit of success. Mollor shares his story of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-development, while demonstrating a leadership paradigm, a roadmap of what makes a great leader, and what organizations can do to develop great leaders. (Article)

Q&A on the Book Responsive Agile Coaching

Niall McShane has written the book Responsive Agile Coaching, aimed at people who are coaching individuals, teams and organisations in new ways of working to help guide others in adapting to changing circumstances and responding to new demands. He presents a model for coaching based on knowing when to tell clients the answer versus when to guide them to find the answer for themselves. (Article)



What is new in the Scrum Guide?

On November 18, an updated version of the Scrum Guide was released. Click here for some resources to help you navigate these updates.

Scaling Culture of Resiliency in the Enterprise

Nate Vogel shares how he grew the data engineering team with an emphasis on building a culture of reliability, discussing processes and tools used. (Presentation)

How I Became a Tester! Breaking Silos within Cross-functional Teams

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo shows how spreading skills among Scrum team members nurtured a learning culture, broke the traditional silos of expertise, and increased the efficiency of the teams. (Presentation)


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