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Web Security, Core ML 3, Alexa, Azure Event Grid, Sign In with Apple, Microsoft Bosque, C# 8, Proxx, Akamai IoT Edge Connect, UX Design Ethics

Announcing QConSF 2019 tracks!

QCon San Francisco offers 18 technical tracks in 2019. Operationalizing “Microservices: design, deliver, operate”, “Modern CS in the real world”, “Tech Ethics: the intersection of human welfare & STEM”, “Machine Learning for Developers” are just some of this year’s tracks. Take a look at the rest. Register now and save $645 off the full ticket price!learning required for building and deploying conversational bots.



Integration Patterns: Architecting your Value Stream for Speed and Quality

This white paper explores 14 integration patterns that encapsulate critical interactions between specialists and tools they use to help plan, build and deliver software. Learn the patterns along with best practices for architecting your software value stream. Download Now.

Johnny Xmas on Web Security & the Anatomy of a Hack

On this podcast, Wes Reisz talks to John Xmas. Xmas works for Xasada, a company that offers a security platform to help ensure only your users are logging into your web applications. Xmas is a well-known figure in the security space. The two discuss common attack vectors, the OWASP Top 10, and then walk through what hackers commonly do when attempting to compromise a system. The show is full of advice on protecting your systems including topics around defense in depth, time-based security, two-factor authentication, logging/alerting, security layers, and much more. (Poscast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Amazon Announces New Cross-Skill Conversational Model for Alexa

  2. Core ML 3 Extends Available Model Types, Adds On-Device Model Retrain

  3. Teaching Machines to Understand Emotions with Sentiment Analysis

Machine Learning Engineering - A New Yet Not So New Paradigm

Sravya Tirukkovalur discusses how ML engineering leverages skills from other engineering branches such as principles and tools, development and testing practices and others. (Presentation with transcript included)
The next QCon is QCon New York, June 24-26, 2019. Join us!

wav2letter++: Facebook's Fast Open-Source Speech Recognition System

Vitaliy Liptchinsky introduces wav2letter++, an open-source deep learning speech recognition framework, explaining its architecture and design, and comparing it to other speech recognition systems. (Presentation with transcript included)

Reinforcement Learning: Not Just for Robots and Games

Jibin Liu presents one of his projects at eBay where the team used RL to improve crawling of targeted web pages, starting from the basics of RL, then to why and how to use it to power web crawling. (Presentation with transcript included)

Petastorm: A Light-Weight Approach to Building ML Pipelines

Yevgeni Litvin describes how Petastorm facilitates tighter integration between Big Data and Deep Learning worlds, simplifies data management and data pipelines, and speeds up model experimentation. (Presentation with transcript included)



Graph Database Performance Benchmark

This benchmark examines the data loading and query performance of TigerGraph, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, and ArangoDB. The benchmark tests include: storage size of loaded data, data loading time, query response time for K-hop path neighbor discovery, and more. See the results - Download Now.


  1. Microsoft Evolves Azure Event Grid: New Telemetry Events, Advanced Filters, and Event Domains

  2. Athena: Automated Build Health Monitoring at Dropbox Engineering

  3. Harbor 1.8 Includes OIDC Integration and Replication Enhancements

How Do We Think about Transactions in (Cloud) Messaging Systems? An Interview with Udi Dahan.

Do today's cloud-based messaging services have different transactional support than those that preceded it? If so, what are the implications? In this interview with distributed systems expert Udi Dahan, we explores the question. (Article)

DevOps and People: Where Automation Begins!

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo takes a look at some scenarios where developers and operators go for broke in order to achieve a DevOps success story. (Presentation)

The InfoQ eMag: DevSecOps in Practice

With this eMag, we present you expert security advice on how to effectively integrate security practices and processes in the software delivery lifecycle, so that everyone from development to security and operations understands and contributes to the overall security of the applications and infrastructure. Download Now.

See what’s new in DevOps including:

  • RSocket: Solving Real-World Architectural Challenges
  • Apache Dubbo, a Java-Based RPC Framework, Graduates to Top-Level Project
  • Percona XtraDB and MongoDB Operators for Kubernetes
  • And more...


  1. Sign In with Apple Touts Single Sign-On without Sharing Your Data

Microsoft Introduces Bosque, a Programming Language for Writing Easy-to-Reason-about Code

Microsoft has recently introduced the Bosque programming language, an investigative language design research project for writing code that is simple, obvious, and easy-to-reason-about for both humans and machines. The language derives from a combination of TypeScript inspired syntax and types, plus ML and Node/JavaScript inspired semantics. (News)


  1. Java 13 Enters Feature Freeze and Rampdown

Upgrading from Java 8 to Java 12

The current pace of change in Java might be intimidating, and it can certainly seem like upgrading from Java 8, which the majority of applications are still running on, to Java 12 could be difficult. In this article we're going to look at the benefits of upgrading, potential issues with upgrading, and some tips for upgrading. (Article)


  1. C# Default Interface Methods Update

  2. WF and WCF Given to the Community

C# 8 More Small Features

Though C# 8 is supposed to be released this year and the roadmap for C# 8.x and 9 are beginning to be formed, Microsoft is continuing to approve features for the next release. (News)


  1. Ionic Introduces Stencil One, Targeting Fast, Reusable UI Components and Apps

Proxx: Building Fast Web Applications

Proxx is a JavaScript game from the Google Chrome team. It demonstrates how to develop fast and smooth web applications that offer a similar user experience across multiple platforms and input devices. (News)

Akamai IoT Edge Connect Brings MQTT to its Serverless Edge Platform

Akamai IoT Edge Connect, part of Akamai Edge Cloud, provides a fully managed service for the operation of IoT devices with auto-scaling, failover, and data synchronization. InfoQ has spoken with Lior Netzer, vice-president and CTO of IoT at Akamai Technologies. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. UX Design Ethics: Dealing with Dark Patterns and Designer Bias

Learning from Chaos: Architecting for Resilience

Russ Miles, CEO of, shares how leading organizations are successfully adopting chaos engineering to encourage a mindset of "architecting for resilience". Drawing from a collection of real-world examples and experience reports, he shows how to set up systems to learn from controlled failure and make resilience an important competitive edge for an organization. (Presentation with transcript included)

What Lies between: the Challenges of Operationalizing Microservices

Colin Breck presents practical approaches to take microservices into production or increase the value provided by existing systems. Breck explores how to integrate microservices at scale, including asset management, security considerations, and representing uncertainty in data. Breck examines approaches that can be used to debug, monitor, adapt, and control microservices. (Presentation with transcript included)

Reactive Systems' Architecture

Jan Machacek and Matthew Squire give us the answer to the click-baity headline “Four things that make the biggest impact in distributed systems”, together with architectural and code examples to help avoid repeating their mistakes. (Presentation with transcript included)



A Reference Methodology for Integration Agility

As APIs, microservices, and serverless architectures evolve, new applications require integration across an exploding set of endpoints. This white paper outlines a meta-process for organizations to refer and become integration agile. Download Now.

Q&A on the Book Internal Tech Conferences

The book Internal Tech Conferences by Victoria Morgan-Smith and Matthew Skelton is a practical guide on how to prepare, organise, and follow-up on internal tech conferences. It shows how to run internal events that enable sharing and learning across teams and departments, and explores the benefits that such events can bring. (Article)

Agile Agile Agile Blah Blah Blah

“Agile” now means anything, everything, and nothing. Many organizations are Agile fatigued, and the “Agile Industrial Complex” is part of the problem. Agilists must go back to the basics and simplicity of the Manifesto and 12 Principles. The Heart of Agile and Modern Agile are examples of basic, simple frameworks. Agilists also have much to learn from social sciences. (Article)



9 Myths of Software Requirements Gathering

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re struggling with your current processes, here are nine myths about requirements gathering that you can let go of, along with expert tips that will help you move forward with more confidence and manage your projects more successfully.
Download Now.

return getKanban();

David Grant discusses the optimal strategy for the getKanban board game, a study into the effect of different policies on the simulation, and the role luck can have when using it as a teaching aid. (Presentation)

A Test of Strength

Chris Oldwood discusses writing good (strong) tests, but also how devs need to be “strong” (in character) to make that happen. (Presentation)

Using Your Super Powers to Boost Your Career Development

Francisco Jordano talks about the challenges of developing your own career, as it's not easy or clear what the steps are. Even with an experienced career, we do still struggle. But that experience brings other things: knowing ourselves, knowing what we do well, and what our super powers are, as well as, what our Kryptonite is. (Presentation with transcript included)

Discovering Culture through Artifacts

Mike McGarr shares an approach to discovering organizational culture through its artifacts. He shares his model for understanding culture and the key artifacts that allow building an understanding of an organization's culture. He also shares a wealth of "experiences" (that's code for failures) that have shaped his approach to discovering culture. (Presentation with transcript included)