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Mastering Hybrid AI Implementation - Sponsored by HPE Ezmeral Software and Intel

Mastering Hybrid AI Implementation

In the journey towards integrating AI into hybrid architectures, numerous obstacles arise, including fragmented data, inconsistent toolsets, and complex resource management. In this webinar, we delve into how HPE Ezmeral Software addresses these challenges, facilitating a smoother and accelerated adoption of AI technologies. Live Webinar, May 2nd, 2024 - Save your Seat.

Article Contest: Write an Article for InfoQ and Win a QCon or Dev Summit Ticket

InfoQ encourages software practitioners and domain experts to submit full-length technical educational articles. (Article)

Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About 2024 eMag

This eMag showcases real-world examples of innovative architectures pushing the limits with modern software systems. From Cloudflare to Netflix, the authors demonstrate what 'scalable' means and the challenges they face in handling millions of requests per second. This eMag brings together several of these stories and aims to provide advice and inspiration for your future projects. (eMag)

InfoQ Culture & Methods Trends Report - April 2024

The Culture and Methods trends report discusses evolving roles within teams, the way the staff plus roles are able to add value, the use and misuse of DevEx metrics, how remote work continues to evolve, a lack of diversity is still a challenge, and the need to move from climate change awareness to climate conscious software engineering. (Trends Report)

Architecture Does Not Emerge - a Conversation with Tracy Bannon

In this podcast Michael Stiefel spoke to Tracy Bannon about what software architecture really is, and what an architect needs to be able to do. Bannon is a senior principal at MITRE. She sees herself as a passionate software architect and change agent who also puts out the Real Technologists podcast. (Podcast)

Using Cognitive Science to Improve Developer Experience

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods spoke to Hans Dockter, founder and CEO of Gradle Inc about using cognitive science to improve developer experience. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Large Language Models for Code by Loubna Ben Allal at QCon London

  2. NVIDIA Announces Next-Generation AI Superchip Blackwell

  3. Navigating LLM Deployment: Tips, Tricks and Techniques by Meryem Arik at QCon London

Platform and Features MLEs, a Scalable and Product-Centric Approach for High Performing Data Products

Massimo Belloni discusses the lessons learnt in the last couple of years around organizing a Data Science Team and the Machine Learning Engineering efforts at Bumble Inc. (Presentation with transcript included)

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A modern replacement for Redis - Sponsored by DragonflyDB

A modern replacement for Redis

Dragonfly Cloud is a fully managed in-memory data store that delivers better performance at a significantly lower cost than Redis-based solutions.
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  1. Optimizing Adidas' Container Platform Using GitOps

Achieving SLSA Certification with a “Bring-Your-Own-Builder” Framework

Asra Ali discusses recent work that allows one to wrap existing tools into a SLSA-compliant builder with minimal effort on existing open-source CI/CD platforms. (Presentation with transcript included)


  1. Borderless Cloud at QCon London: Q&A with Adora Nwodo

  2. Azure API Management Basic V2 and Standard V2 GA: Enhancing Scalability, Security, and Networking

  3. QCon London: Efficient Serverless Development

  4. Efficient DevSecOps Workflows with a Little Help from AI: Q&A with Michael Friedrich

AWS Batch Introduces Multi-Container Jobs for Large-Scale Simulations

Recently, AWS announced the support of multi-container jobs in AWS Batch through the management console. This new feature simplifies the process of running simulations, particularly for testing complex systems such as those used in autonomous vehicles and robotics. (News)

Effective Performance Engineering at Twitter-Scale

Yao Yue recapitulates scaling a project at Twitter while summarizing some key lessons learned about effective performance engineering. (Presentation with transcript included)


  1. Java News Roundup: New JEP Candidates, Project Bisbane, Ktor Plugin Repository, JDKUpdater

Modernizing Testing Practices for Jakarta EE Projects

This article focuses on the increasing adoption of data-driven testing in Java enterprise applications and sheds light on the Data and NoSQL Jakarta specifications. It highlights the significance of modern testing libraries such as JUnit Jupiter and AssertJ and emphasizes the importance of container-based frameworks like Testcontainers in enhancing testing practices. (Article)

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Kubernetes Best Practices, 2nd Edition (By O'Reilly) - Sponsored by Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes Best Practices, 2nd Edition (By O'Reilly)

Get blueprints to build, deploy, and manage a successful multitier app in Kubernetes. Expand your working knowledge of Kubernetes with the latest edition of Kubernetes Best Practices. The revised chapters provide you with the tools to integrate Kubernetes clusters into your enterprise environment. Download Now.

How Lyft Leveraged iOS Live Activities to Enhance User Experience

Providing timely updates to users is key to improving their mobile experience, explains Lyft iOS engineer Max Husar, although it will increase development scope and effort. To achieve a balance between flexibility, reliability, and reusability, Lyft engineers used iOS ActivityKit to add dynamic content to their app. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Building a Platform to Gain an Unexpected Competitive Advantage: Ranbir Chawla at QCon London

  2. QCon London: gRPC Migration Automation at LinkedIn

  3. QCon London: Mastering Long-Running Processes in Modern Architectures

  4. QCon London: How Duolingo Sent 4 Million Push Notifications in 6 Seconds During the Super Bowl Break

  5. QCon London: Meta Used Monolithic Architecture to Ship Threads in Only Five Months

Architecting for High Availability in the Cloud with Cellular Architecture

Chris Price discusses cellular architecture, its merits, design options with cellularization, and how to effectively isolate at the level of an AWS account. (Presentation with transcript included)

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. QCon London: the Art, Science and Psychology of Decision-Making

Adopting Agile by Increasing Psychological Safety in a Software Team

To test the agile way of thinking, a software team worked on their psychological safety with kick-off exercises, sharing coffee breaks, celebrating wins, a stand-up question, and 1-on-1 talks. This helped them to increase psychological safety in their software team. (News)

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