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Google AutoML, Docker+Wasm, K8s Pod Sandboxing, Cloud Spanner, Refactoring to Rust, Java 20, ASP.NET Minimal APIs, TypeScript 5, Architectural Decisions, Developer Experience

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Building field-level lineage for modern data systems

Lineage is a critical component of any root cause, impact analysis, and overall analytics heath assessment workflow. But it hasn’t always been easy to create. In this session, you'll tackle this challenge head-on by leveraging some of the most popular tools in the modern data stack including dbt, Airflow, Snowflake, and others. Live Webinar, April 13th, 2023 — Save Your Seat.

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. AWS and NVIDIA to Collaborate on Next-Gen EC2 P5 Instances for Accelerating Generative AI

  2. Google Uses AutoML to Discover More Efficient AI Training Algorithm

Orchestrating Hybrid Workflows with Apache Airflow

Ricardo Sueiras discusses how to leverage Apache Airflow to orchestrate a workflow using data sources inside and outside the cloud. (Presentation with transcript included)
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Just Released: Snyk Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Java Cheat Sheet

Deep dive into the most prevalent critical and high open source vulnerabilities found by Snyk scans of Java apps in 2022, and learn to fix them. Download Now.


  1. Docker+Wasm Reaches Technical Preview 2, Includes Three New Runtime Engines

  2. Survey on Supply Chain Practices Finds Perceived Usefulness of Practice Correlates with Adoption

  3. AWS Announces Kubernetes 1.25 Support for EKS

  4. HashiCorp Consul Improves Envoy Integration, Adds Debugging Tool

  5. Microsoft Adds Support for Pod Sandboxing to Azure Kubernetes Service

Improving CI/CD Pipelines Through Observability

CI/CD pipelines are a vital addition to any workflow but they can be further improved by the selective addition of observability. This article covers what data to monitor, which metrics to track, and how to best visualize the collected data. (Article)

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📚 [New Chapters] O'Reilly eBook — Identity-Native Infrastructure Access

Download your copy and learn how to prevent breaches by eliminating secrets, including the two new chapters on Secure Connectivity and Authentication.


  1. Google Cloud Spanner Introduces Configurable Read-Only Replicas and Zero-Downtime Move Service

  2. Google Distributed Cloud Hosted Is Now Generally Available

  3. AWS Releases New Cloud-Optimized Linux Distribution with Amazon Linux 2023

AWS Announces Open Source Mountpoint for Amazon S3

During the latest Pi Day, AWS announced Mountpoint for Amazon S3, an open-source file client to deliver high throughput access on Amazon S3. Currently in alpha, the local mount point provides high single-instance transfer rates and is primarily intended for data lake applications. (News)

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Building SaaS Apps for Portability and Scale (Guide)

Learn how to achieve scalability and reduce costs by adopting a portable architecture design and leveraging vendor-agnostic technology stacks like Kubernetes. Download now.


  1. Stack Overflow Sentiment Survey Aims to Identify Experimental and Proven Technologies

Blazing Fast, Minimal Change - Speed Up Your Code by Refactoring to Rust

Lily Mara takes an existing codebase and rewrites part of it in Rust, focusing on writing a Rust reimplementation, cross-language regression testing, performance benchmarking of the new code. (Presentation with transcript included)

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From Minecraft to LinkedIn: How Microsoft Uses Java Internally

This paper provides a historical look at the ways in which Microsoft has adopted Java over the years, the recent history of Microsoft’s investments in Java, and how various groups within Microsoft are using Java internally. Download Now.


  1. Java 20 Delivers Features for Projects Amber, Loom and Panama

  2. Java News Roundup: New JEPs, GraalVM 23 Early-Access, Infinispan, Mojarra, Micrometer Metrics

Billions of Messages Per Minute Over TCP/IP

Chronicle Wire offers an alternative way of transferring data between systems, delivering more messages, faster, than common JSON/XML approaches. This approach to data serialization improves both latency and throughput. (Article)


  1. Explore the Latest Updates to WinForms Visual Basic Application Framework

  2. The Sentence Similarity Scenario in ML.NET Model Builder

Using ASP.NET Core 7 Minimal APIs: Request Filters, Parameter Mapping, and More

Several features have been added to Minimal APIs with the .NET 7 release. This tutorial shows how they are now almost as powerful as traditional controller-based APIs while being far less verbose. (Article)

TypeScript 5 GA Extends Decorators, Stabilizes New Module Resolution Option, and More

After announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta three months ago, TypeScript 5 has finally reached general availability. Among the most relevant changes are extended support for decorators to enable their placement before or after export and export defaults, the new bundler module resolution option, and more. (News)

A Simple Framework for Architectural Decisions

This article describes a framework for making architectural decisions using three building blocks: The company's own Technology Radar; Technology Standards; and Architecture Decision Records (ADRs). The framework clarifies decision-making, team involvement, and information on already made decisions and aligns with the company's needs and culture. (Article)

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API Security Maturity Model

There is a spectrum of API security implementations; not all are equal. The model describes API security in levels of trust, complexity, and efficiency. Which one suits your use case? Read article.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Green Software Development - What Can You Do Now, and Where is the Industry Heading?

  2. Improving Developer Experience in Non-Technical Organisations with BMK

How Visual Thinking Can Help Teams Get Clarity, Be More Creative, and Have More Inclusive Meetings

Visual thinking is a way of making sense of the world through images, putting thoughts into pictures. This article is here to help you understand about visual thinking, and how you could use it to support yourself, your teams to create a more inclusive, creative and collaborative culture at work. (Article)

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