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DDD, NVIDIA's Autonomous Vehicle Simulator, NLP with Java, WebAssembly for Cloudflare, Helidon, Kotlin, TypeScript, Amazon's Smoke for Swift, Ethics, Chaos, Design Thinking

“Surviving Uncertainty: GDPR, Brexit, or Politics? Beyond DR”, “JavaScript: Powering the Modern Web”, “Production Readiness: Operational Microservices” are just some of the proposed tracks for QCon London 2019. Take a look at all the tracks here. Register before Oct 27th and save up to £580!



IoT with Azure: A Developer’s Guide

Download this guide to learn about Azure IoT tools and technologies. Get step-by-step guidance on IoT basics - to build proficiency - and move toward a fully functioning solution on Azure. Download Now.

The InfoQ eMag: Domain-Driven Design in Practice

This eMag highlights some of the experience of real-world DDD practitioners, including the challenges they have faced, missteps they’ve made, lessons learned, and some success stories. (eMag)

Camille Fournier on Platform Engineering, Engineering Ladders, and Her Book “The Managers Path”

On the podcast this week Charles Humble talks to Camille Fournier about running a platform team, how her current role differs from the CTO role she had a Rent the Runway, the skills developers need to acquire as they move from engineering to management positions, trends like Holacracy, and her book "The Manager's Path". (Podcast)

Todd Little on How Kanban Helps Organizations Improve

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Todd Little, CEO of LeanKanban Inc about how organizations can use Kanban to identify bottlenecks and improve flow in their business processes. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. NVIDIA Announces RAPIDS, Medical Image Application, and a Driving Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles

  2. High Volume Space Exploration Time-Series Data Storage in PostgreSQL

  3. Microsoft Announces Several Updates to Azure Cosmos DB Features

Natural Language Processing with Java - Second Edition: Book Review and Interview

Natural Language Processing with Java - Second Edition book covers the Natural Language Processing (NLP) topic and various tools developers can use in their applications. Technologies discussed in the book include Apache OpenNLP and Stanford NLP. InfoQ spoke with co-author Richard Reese about the book and how NLP can be used in enterprise applications. (Article)

See what’s new in Stream Processing on InfoQ, including:

  • Netflix Keystone: A Real-Time Stream Processing Platform
  • Stream Processing with Apache Kafka and KSQL
  • How to Choose a Stream Processor for Your App
  • And more...



5 Signs You Have Outgrown Cassandra (and What to Do About It)

Download this white paper to check for the five key signs that you may have outgrown Cassandra, including rising cost of support and unmanageable cluster growth. Download Now.


  1. Spotify Open Sources cstar: its Cassandra Orchestration Tool

  2. Cloudflare WebAssembly and Key Value Store for Workers

  3. Amazon S3 Increases Request Rate Performance and Drops Randomized Prefix Requirement

Azure Content Delivery Network Is Now Generally Available

Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of the Azure CDN, allowing customers to deliver content from Microsoft’s global CDN network. The release was a follow up on the public preview last May. (News)

Trends to keep an eye on

Charles Humble, editor-in-chief for InfoQ, recommends keeping an eye on these key trends:

  • Noprojects
  • Ethics in software
  • Service meshes



6 Continuous Delivery Tips for the Database.

This whitepaper provides six pointers for enhancing your continuous delivery journey. Learn why version control doesn’t stop at the application, the benefits of branching and NuGet packages, and the importance of build and test automation. Download Now.


  1. New Git Submodule Vulnerability Patched


Kevlin Henney discusses the last 50 years of software development, some of the lessons learned and some that could have been learned, and what the future may have in store. (Presentation)


  1. Oracle Introduces Helidon - A Lightweight Java Microservices Framework

An Introduction to Kotlin for Serverside Java Developers

Kotlin is one of the newer languages on the JVM from JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ. It is a statically typed language which aims to provide a blend of OO and FP programming styles. Kotlin compiler creates bytecode compatible with the JVM, allowing it to run on the JVM and interoperate with existing libraries. We present the main features that might appeal to Java developers. (Article)

Efficient Fault Tolerant Java with Aeron Clustering

Todd Montgomery talks about Aeron Clustering, a new means for deploying replicated state machines in Java. Replicated state machines are just a way to deploy elegant business logic. He explains what a replicated and recorded stream of events can do for business logic. (Presentation)
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"Yo... Ask Me Anything" - Panel of NY Senior Java Developers

The panelists discuss thoughts on the latest trends in Java, the new release model, modules, modern garbage collectors, Kotlin for the enterprise, Eclipse stewardship of JEE and the rising complexity of the Java source language. (Presentation)
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Why Bother with Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Justin Lee starts by looking at the layout and syntax of Kotlin projects. He then moves to a more in-depth discussion on how these new language features combine to present a compelling new alternative to the Java source language. He looks at a few "big ticket" features of the language and its ecosystem that do more to distinguish Kotlin than mere syntax sugar alone can provide. (Presentation)
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Microservices and Containers 101

Learn how developers use containers and microservices, their benefits and impact on resources, strategy, and monitoring, and what to do if you need a new application monitoring solution. Download Now.

ARM64 for UWP Debuts in Visual Studio 2017 15.9 Preview 3

Microsoft continues work on upcoming 15.9 update to Visual Studio 2017. In the third preview of 15.9, Microsoft announced support for UWP apps on the ARM64 platform and expanded functionality for TypeScript developers. As has been the familiar occurrence, a large of number of fixes are also included. (News)



TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook-2nd Edition

  • Build production-ready ML models
  • Master CNN and RNN through practical recipes
Get this Bestseller for $9 only with code ORIQQ09.
Offer valid till Oct 31, 2018.

TypeScript for the Microsoft Developer

Joseph Guadagno discusses TypeScript, how it is helpful and some of the features it is worth using for. (Presentation)

Be the one that brings innovation to your team

Get your monthly guide to all the topics, technologies and techniques that every professional or aspiring software architect needs to know about. Recent topics include serverless, chaos engineering and event-driven design.

Smoke is a New Lightweight Server-Side Framework for Swift from Amazon

Amazon Smoke framework is a new open-source light-weight server-side framework written in Swift and aimed to build REST-like or RPC-like services. Its architecture stresses ease of use and favours a pure-functional programming style for request handlers. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. An Evolution of Chaos Experimentation: Kolton Andrus at ChaosConf 2018

Ethics - What Next?

This year at QCon London and the Coed:Ethics Conference we started to talk about what it means to be an ethical technologist. The running theme of both conferences was taking care. Who should do that? Everyone. From shareholders to individual developers to implementers and users we need to feel personally responsible for the ethics of our products (Article)

See what’s new in Enterprise Architecture on InfoQ, including:

  • An Introduction to GraphQL and How to Migrate from REST APIs
  • Enterprise Adoption of Software Load Balancing, API Gateways, and Service Meshes
  • Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix
  • And more...

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Recognitions of 2018 World Agility Announced

Managing to the Next Century - The Five Big Things for Agile Transitions

This article explores the key things to think about and prepare for when your organization is transitioning to an agile approach. He emphasizes the importance of supporting and protecting agile culture, self-organization, managing with outcomes, removing sources of waste and delay, and measuring and improving value delivered with frequent feedback. (Article)

Q&A on the Book Humble Leadership

The book Humble Leadership by Edgar and Peter Schein explores how building personal relationships and trust gives way to leadership that enables better information flow and self-management. The authors argue that we already possess the skill to form personal relations, and suggests using them to build and strengthen relationships with the people we lead and follow. (Article)

Mapping the Market for Agile Coaches

In July, 2018 five agilists, including the two authors of this article, met in San Francisco to map the market for agile coaches. We met because the market appears to be very strong over the short-term but weak over the long-term. This article is the result of that investigation, it discusses how much agile coaches make, where they work, and what the future holds for the agile coaching market. (Article)

Product Roadmaps in the Self-Driven Car Age

Leandro Pinter discusses the origins of product roadmaps along with an alternative way of building them. (Presentation)

Empowering Agile Self-Organized Teams with Design Thinking

William Evans covers the key principles and practices of design thinking and how it can be leveraged by agile teams to collaboratively test new options and create new value. He presents a case study of how an infrastructure engineering team learned the key practices of design thinking to reduce the lead time for delivering services and systems. (Presentation)
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