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BigScience BLOOM, CNCF K8s Policy, GitLab 15, GCP Arm Processors, Azure Developer CLI, Asahi Linux, TornadoVM, .NET Core 3.1 EOL, TypeScript 4.7, Jetpack Compose 1.2, Spotify System Model, DesignOps

QCon Plus Nov 2022: Hybrid and remote working trends and best practices.

James Stainer, Director of Engineering @Shopify will bring together leading software practitioners in the track "Before & After": Hybrid Work Strategies. You’ll learn actionable tools, habits, and techniques that your team and company need to embrace to make this new working style better, wherever you are. Claim your early bird saving by August 22.



API Security Maturity Model

There is a spectrum of API security implementations; not all are equal. The model describes API security in levels of trust, complexity, and efficiency. Which one suits your use case? Read article.

Principles of Green Software Engineering with Marco Valtas

In this episode, Marco Valtas, technical lead for cleantech and sustainability at ThoughtWorks North America, discusses the Principles of Green Software Engineering. The principles help guide software decisions by considering the environmental impact. The principles are intended for everyone involved in software, and emphasize that sustainability, on its own, is a reason to justify the work. (Podcast)

Developer Satisfaction Is Key to Engineering Success

In this podcast, Shane Hastie spoke to Lilac Mohr of Pluralsight about engineering success, developer satisfaction, creating an environment of trust and growing new leaders. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Google AI Open-Sourced a New ML Tool for Conceptual and Subjective Queries over Images

  2. Meta Hopes to Increase Accuracy of Wikipedia with New AI Model

  3. AWS Announced Synthetic Data Generation for SageMaker Ground Truth

BigScience Releases 176B Parameter AI Language Model BLOOM

The BigScience research workshop released BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model (BLOOM), an autoregressive language model based on the GPT-3 architecture. BLOOM is trained on data from 46 natural languages and 13 programming languages and is the largest publicly available open multilingual model. (News)



Cassandra: The Definitive Guide (By O'Reilly)

In this third edition - updated for Cassandra 4.0 and K8ssandra - you'll learn about Cassandra's distributed and decentralized structure, create a working data model and compare it with a relational model, develop sample applications using client drivers for languages including Java, Python, and Node.js, and more. Download now.


  1. CNCF Publishes the Kubernetes Policy Management Whitepaper

  2. Grafana 9 Brings Big Improvements to Alerting and User Experience

  3. GitLab 15 Improves Editing, Metrics, Container Scanning, Security and More

  4. Ant Group Open Sources Privacy-Preserving Computation Framework

Why DevOps Governance is Crucial to Enable Developer Velocity

The application environment should be managed centrally by the DevOps team. This allows them to better track modifications and changes which would then be swift and transparent to developer teams. (Article)

Panel: Kubernetes at Web Scale on the Cloud

The panelists discuss what they have learned scaling their own workload in the public cloud. Topics include capacity and workload management, security integration, and homegrown PaaS integration. (Presentation with transcript included)
Software Delivery Practices Evolve Fast, So Should Your Learning: Attend QCon San Francisco Software Development (Oct 24-28).
What are the major trends that matter right now in software development and technical leadership? Uncover emerging software trends and practices to solve your complex engineering challenges, without the product pitches. Save your spot now!


Cockroach Labs

[Free Excerpt] O'Reilly | Architecting for Scale

When your app goes viral, make sure its infrastructure stays healthy. Download this free O'Reilly excerpt for practical guidance on maintaining uptime and scaling without fail.


  1. Microsoft Previews Azure Premium SSD V2 Disk Storage

  2. Google Expands the Tau VM Family with Arm-Based Processors

  3. AWS Announces AMD Based R6a Instances for Memory-Intensive Workloads

  4. AWS Expands Amazon Detective for Kubernetes Workloads on Amazon EKS

  5. Google Cloud Introduces Optimized Rocky Linux Images for Customers Moving off CentOS

A New Service from the Microsoft and Oracle Partnership: Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

Recently, Microsoft and Oracle announced the general availability (GA) of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, a new service that allows Microsoft Azure customers to provision, access, and monitor enterprise-grade Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). (News)

Microsoft Introduces a New Way for Faster Building Cloud Apps with Azure Developer CLI

Recently Microsoft introduced the public preview of the Azure Developer CLI (azd) — a new, open-source tool that accelerates the time it takes to get started on Azure. It provides developer-friendly commands that map to essential stages in the developer workflow: code, build, deploy, monitor, and repeat. (News)

New Asahi Linux Release Brings Support for Apple M1 Ultra and M2 CPUs

When Apple adopted their new ARM-based CPUs collectively dubbed Apple Silicon, it made all existing Linux distributions incompatible with its most recent hardware. This is changing thanks to the hard work of the Asahi Linux team, that recently introduced preliminary support for Apple M1 Ultra and M2 CPUs. (News)



9 Best Practices for Release Management

Learn about common release management feature flag use cases and how to deploy release management feature flags using Ring and Percentage deployment. You'll also learn about release management best practices across the software development lifecycle. Download now.

Java News Roundup: JDK 19 in RDP2, Oracle Critical Patch Update, TornadoVM on M1, Grails CVE

This week's Java roundup for July 18th, 2022, features news from Oracle, JDK 18, JDK 19, JDK 20, Spring Boot and Spring Security milestone and point releases, Spring for GraphQL 1.0.1, Liberica JDK updates, Quarkus 2.10.3, CVE in Grails, JobRunr 5.1.6, JReleaser maintenance, Apache Tomcat 9.0.65 and 10.1.0-M17, Tornado VM on Apple M1 and the JBNC conference. (News)


Code Climate

The Fundamentals of Engineering Metrics [eBook]

Engineering leaders often rely on gut feel to gauge how their team is doing. Learn how software engineering metrics can help you ensure development and business goals are on track in your organization. Read now.

Microsoft to End Support for .NET Core 3.1 in December 2022

The long-term-support (LTS) version 3.1 of Microsoft .NET Core Framework is slated to go out of support on December 13th, 2022. Microsoft recommends upgrading .NET Core 3.1 applications to .NET 6.0 to stay supported for the future, while the developers have mixed feelings about the .NET support policy. (News)


  1. TypeScript 4.7 and 4.8 Beta Releases Add ESM for Node.js and Better Type Inference

Partytown, Offloading 3RD Party Scripts to Web Workers

Partytown is a small JavaScript library that speeds up web application load times by helping developers to move third party scripts into web workers and off the main thread. (News)


  1. Jetpack Compose 1.2 Includes Lazy Grids, Support for Google Fonts, and More

Mobile Video-Conferencing Using Jitsi

In this article, we will look at alternatives for providing video meetings on mobile devices. We take Jitsi as a popular open source option, which provides Jitsi Meet, an ad-hoc video meetings service, and JaaS, a service platform for developers. Looking at user engagement data, we see there’s no "one size fits all" solution. (Article)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. The Spotify System Model: Automated Architecture Visualization at Spotify

Unblocked by Design

Todd Montgomery discusses some of the issues one can encounter when developing with and for asynchronous architectures and components. (Presentation with transcript included)

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Promoting Empathy and Inclusion in Technical Writing

Why DesignOps Matters: How to Improve Your Design Processes

DesignOps is a combination of practices and a mindset that improves design workflow, facilitates designer-developer handoffs, enhances the way products and services are crafted, and enables projects to evolve at a faster pace. Design processes may be more complex, dispersed and chaotic than they should be. There are ways to adapt to digital transformation and establish well-functioning DesignOps (Article)

How to Spark a Consumer-Grade UX Revolution

Turning end-users into advocates is one of the most powerful things SaaS companies can accomplish today. This can be a major project for a company, but it’s a revolution that can start small - and start today. Here we cover how to kick-off, manage, implement and iterate upon adding consumer-grade UX to the services that you own. (Article)

Google Open-Source Quantum Computing Framework Cirq Reaches 1.0

After over four years in development, Google open source quantum programming framework Cirq has reached stability and established itself as the lingua franca that Google engineers use to write quantum programs for Google's own quantum processors. (News)

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