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DeepMind, Docker Extensions, Full-Stack Observability, Scaling Monoliths, Green Software Development, Java Virtual Threads, "Abandoned" Mobile Apps, Envoy Proxy at Mux, Ballerina, Cognitive Load

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Web Server and Reverse-Proxy Cache 101

Learn how to deploy a simple web server and how built-in caching capabilities optimize the performance and availability of your applications. Find out how to log caching transactions to help you visualize and troubleshoot your environment. Live Webinar, June 16th, 2022 - Save your Seat.

Seven Ways to Fail at Microservices with Holly Cummins

Implementing microservices is really challenging, and there are many ways to fail. Holly Cummins has identified seven ways to fail at microservices, and on this episode of the podcast Thomas Betts asks her to describe them, and how they can be avoided. (Podcast)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. DeepMind Trains AI Controller for Nuclear Fusion Research Device

Raft Engine: a Log-Structured Embedded Storage Engine for Multi-Raft Logs in TiKV

In this article, authors discuss the design and implementation of Raft Engine, a log-structured embedded storage engine introduced in TiDB distributed, NewSQL database version 5.4. They also discuss the performance benefits of the engine compared to the previous implementation based on RocksDB. (Article)

Unified MLOps: Feature Stores and Model Deployment

Monte Zweben proposes a whole new approach to MLOps that allows to scale models without increasing latency by merging a database, a feature store, and machine learning. (Presentation with transcript included)
Learn how to solve complex software engineering and leadership challenges. Attend online at QCon Plus (May 10-20) or in-person at QCon San Francisco (Oct 24-28). Save your spot now!


  1. Full-Stack Observability with Grafana and Azure Monitor

Docker Launches Docker Extensions and Docker Desktop for Linux

At DockerCon 2022, Docker announced a way for developers to tap into Docker Desktop and extend its functionality using a new Extension SDK. Additionally, Docker Desktop is finally landing on Linux, providing the same experience available on macOS and Windows. (News)



[eBook] MQTT Essentials

Implementing the MQTT protocol is easy; however, to make complete use of it, you need to know the nitty-gritty of it. This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to MQTT 3 and MQTT 5 and covers all the essentials of this IoT messaging protocol, without you having to read the entire specification. Download now.


  1. AWS Introduces Storage-Optimized I4i Instances for IO-Heavy Workloads

  2. Google Cloud Introduces Media CDN for Content Delivery

  3. Google Announces General Availability of Cloud TPU VMs

  4. Google Releases its Distributed Cloud Edge Offering into General Availability

  5. AWS Releases Their New Low-Code Development Tool Amplify Studio to General Availability

A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud

In this article, I want to present a simple cloud architecture that can allow an organization to take monolithic applications to the cloud incrementally without a dramatic change in the architecture. We will discuss the minimal requirements and basic components to take advantage of the scalability of the cloud. (Article)


  1. Green Software Development: Terminology and Climate Commitments Explained by Microsoft at Devoxx UK

  2. A Decalog for Developing More Accessible Software Systems: JHipster Creator's Keynote at Devoxx UK

Reproducible Development with Containers

Avdi Grimm describes the future of development, which is already here. Get a tour of a devcontainer, and contrast it with a deployment container. (Presentation with transcript included)



How to Shift Testing Activities Into the Coding Phase

Don't let application quality suffer as your development cycles accelerate. Learn how to shift your testing activities to the left, improve your coding skills, and ship applications your users will love. Get the e-book.


  1. JEP 425: Java Virtual Threads to Deliver Improved Throughput

  2. Java News Roundup: JEPs for Projects Loom and Panama, JobRunr 5.1.0, Kotlin 1.7.0 Preview

11 Puzzles from JDK11: Hanno Embregts on Java Certification at Devoxx UK

As part of his talk given in front of Devoxx's audience, Hanno Embregts shares 11 crazy things he learned on his path towards Oracle Java 11 certification. Even though having a career spanning of almost one decade and a half, these Java curiosities still needed to be ironed out while preparing to become common practice afterwards. (News)



API Security Best Practices

Ensure your APIs are secure and the business is protected. Have you implemented them all? Read the guide.

In case you missed it

Getting Started with gRPC and .NET

In this article, the author introduces the core concepts behind gRPC. The text is illustrated with a step-by-step tutorial on how to use gRPC to develop streaming services in .NET. (Article)



Watch JDConf 2022 On-Demand

Learn about development best practices, cloud computing, and the latest Java trends. At JDConf 2022, we’re featuring sessions from a range of community and Microsoft speakers about topics like development tools, frameworks, Java in the cloud, observability, performance, security, and more. Watch On-Demand.


  1. Android Studio Chipmunk Brings Animation Preview, CPU Profiler, and More

Research Finds over 1.5 Million "Abandoned" Mobile Apps

On the heels of a recent discussion sparked on the Web by Apple's policy aimed to remove outdated apps from the App Store, analytics company Pixalate released a report providing insight into how many iOS and Android apps are outdated and for how long they have not received any update. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Wave: a Case Study for Low Architectural Complexity

  2. Envoy as a Service-to-Service Proxy at Mux

Ballerina: a Data-Oriented Programming Language

Ballerina’s flexible type system brings the best of statically typed and dynamically typed languages in terms of safety, clarity, and speed of development. Ballerina treats data as a first-class citizen that can be created without extra ceremony, just like strings and numbers. (Article)

Present and Future of the Microservice Architecture

The panelists reflect on various microservices topics. (Presentation with transcript included)


Palo Alto

Gartner Innovation Insight for Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms

Learn about the prerequisites and best practices for securing microservices-based architectures, including containers, Kubernetes and serverless. Get the Gartner CNAAP report here.

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Learnings from Discussing Developer Enablement at QCon London

  2. Every Question Has an Answer: an Impossible Thing for Developers

Reducing Cognitive Load in Agile DevOps Teams Using Team Topologies

In this article we will be sharing our experience from 12 months of adopting certain management and organisational insights from the book Team Topologies. It explores how we identified areas of responsibility and assigned those into mostly customer-facing domains which could be given to our teams. It shows how an inverse Conway manoeuvre can be used to improve the architecture. (Article)

How to Fight Climate Change as a Software Engineer

We need to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions to stop climate change. But what role does software play, and what can software engineers do? Let’s take a look under the hood to uncover the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and software, learn about the impact that we can have, and identify concrete ways to reduce emissions when creating and running software. (Article)

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