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AI Sounds, Kubernetes 1.19, VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, C++20, Performance vs. New Features, Web Storage APIs, ML Kit, Secure Architectures, Product Owners, Untapped Agility

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🖥 Live Webinar: The Architecture of a Distributed SQL Database

How does a resilient, scalable Postgres database work? Dive under the hood of CockroachDB to find out. Save your seat for this live demo on September 23.

Akhilesh Gupta on the Architecture of LinkedIn’s Real-Time Messaging Platform

Charles Humble talks to Akhilesh Gupta, the technical lead for LinkedIn's real-time delivery infrastructure, and also LinkedIn messaging. They discuss the architecture behind LinkedIn’s real-time platform, its building blocks, the frameworks used and other technical details. (Podcast)

Daniel Mezick & Mark Sheffield on Open Space Using Zoom

In this episode, Shane Hastie spoke to Daniel Mezick & Mark Sheffield about using Zoom for Open Space events. They have released a set of guidelines and a checklist for online Open Space events under a Creative Commons license. (Podcast)

Article Series: PHP 7.x

PHP 7.x brings several improvements and new features that touch all aspects of the language, including better support for object oriented programming, extensions to classes and interfaces, improvements to the type system, error handling, and more. In this series of articles, we discuss new features across the various PHP 7.x versions. (Article Series)

TOP AI, ML & Data Engineering NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Salesforce Releases Photon Natural Language Interface for Databases

  2. Artificial Intelligence Can Create Sound Tracks for Silent Videos

  3. Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Immersive Reader Service on the Azure AI Platform

Federated Machine Learning for Loan Risk Prediction

In this article, author Brendon Machado discusses how data owners and data scientists can work together to create models on privatized data using the federated learning technique and shows how to use it in loan risk prediction use cases. (Article)



O'Reilly eBook: Serving Machine Learning Models

This practical guide introduces architecture for serving models in real time as part of input stream processing. Using Python, Beam, Flink, Spark, Kafka streams and Akka, you’ll learn different ways to build a model-scoring solution. Download now.


  1. Oracle Introduces the MySQL Database Service on Its Cloud Infrastructure

  2. Google Cloud SQL Supports MySQL 8.0

  3. Q&A with Canonical's Alex Chalkias about Kubernetes 1.19 Enterprise Support and KubeCon

  4. VMware Tanzu Service Mesh from a Developer's Perspective

  5. Attackers Found Building Malicious Container Images Directly on Host

Preparing for the Unexpected

Samuel Parkinson talks about how the Financial Times is using incident workshops to prepare for the unexpected and make incident management a more consistent process by sharing the group’s wide range of operational knowledge and architectural insights. (Presentation with transcript included)
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  1. C++20 Is Now Final, C++23 at Starting Blocks

Performance vs. New Features: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game

Dmitry Vyazelenko explores implementing CRC checksums for a durable log while trying to retain respectable performance. Vyazelenko highlights how a new feature can amplify the call to revisit performance of an overall design. (Presentation with transcript included)

Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Spring Cloud

Recently Microsoft and VMware both announced the general availability of Azure Spring Cloud, a fully-managed service for Spring Boot apps. The service allows enterprises to deploy JARs or code to it, and the service automates the process of wiring the apps to the Spring service runtime. (News)



Try Payara Server: The Best Application Platform for Jakarta EE (Java EE) Apps

Follow this step-by-step guide to Getting Started with Payara Server and learn how to install Payara Server, write and deploy your first app. View Now.


  1. Web Storage APIs - Pete Lepage at Google's Web.Dev

  2. Jotai, a New Granular State Management Library for React

WebAssembly Reference Types Implemented in wasmtime, Lets Wasm Modules Handle Complex Types

Nick Fitzgerald recently announced the implementation of the WebAssembly reference types proposal in wasmtime. With reference types, a WebAssembly runtime can handle references to complex host objects (e,g, DOM nodes) instead of only integer and floating-point values. Reference types pave the way for more WebAssembly features – interface types, garbage collection, module linking, and more. (News)

ML Kit Pose Detection Brings Body Movement Tracking to iOS and Android

Initially available under the ML Kit early access program, Pose Detection is now officially part of ML Kit. The library is capable of tracking the human body, including facial landmarks, hands, and feet. (News)

Designing Secure Architectures the Modern Way, Regardless of Stack

Eugene Pilyankevich shares his experience of implementing sophisticated defenses in constrained environments - ranging from protecting power grid SCADA networks to improving end-to-end encryption in small mobile applications - and explains why designing it properly is what counts when limitations are constraining any easy answers one may find. (Presentation with transcript included)

Components, Patterns and Sh*t That’s Hard to Deal with

Marco Cedaro identifies some ideas they tried and discusses the way they approached componentization. (Presentation)



CCLIVE: Free Process Automation Event

Hear from 25+ process automation experts from companies like Intuit, Fidelity, Deutsche Telekom, Gartner, and more on insight, best practices & BPM use cases. Save your virtual spot!

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Learnings from a Project That Went from Heaven to Hell

  2. Product Owner Is a Bad Bad Idea

A Five-step Guide to Building Empathy That Can Boost Your Development Career

Empathy isn’t just a nice-to-have soft skill. It’s one of the top six skills required of employees in 2020 and beyond, according to Forbes. Learn why empathy is critical for developers in particular and explore these five steps you can take to cultivate empathy in your day-to-day: 1. Understand yourself, 2. Understand them, 3. Build comfort into conversations, 4. Learn how to listen, 5. Practice. (Article)

Q&A on the Book Untapped Agility

The book Untapped Agility by Jesse Fewell explains what holds organizations back in increasing their agility. It describes barriers that may appear during an agile transformation and provides “rebound” moves for unblocking the transformation and moving forward. This recurring pattern of Boost, then Barrier, then Rebound both encourages and enables frustrated agile champions. (Article)

Aginext 2020: Lightning Talks

Hannah Cork moderates a number of short talks where speakers discuss their Agile journey. (Presentation)


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